The Benefits of Synthetic Grass Tennis Courts

Synthetic grass tennis courts are becoming ever increasingly popular with both athletic fields and homeowners. Homeowners prefer tennis courts that are easier to take care of, but also that look as natural as possible, and which will play just like grass. Recreational venues generally prefer synthetic grass tennis courts because of the convenience and low maintenance costs.

Consistent Surface Texture

There is never a change in thickness or pile height of synthetic grass, which ensures that the surface remains consistent, regardless of how many times it is used, or on how drastic weather conditions become. It is extremely important that the texture of the grass is at the same level at all times during play, especially when the player is trying to avoid any injury and improve their game quality.

Uniform Bounce and Ball Play

Because the game of tennis requires that the ball is played on a particular surface, the texture of the court is vital for uniformity and consistency. Players rely on the correct bounce of the ball after each shot. This enables the player to prepare their strategy for each consecutive shot. Maintaining ball control enables the players to keep the ball in play for as long as possible.

Lines Won't Smear or Fade

One of the great benefits of synthetic grass tennis courts is that the line markings will not fade or smear in any way. It is designed to hold its shape and markings regardless of vigorous use and weather conditions. The paint or powder applied to natural grass courts will fade rather quickly, which can make many calls during the game difficult, as the caller relies on how definitive the lines appear.

Won't Show Signs of Wear and Tear 

Tennis players are constantly moving on the court with precision, which can weaken natural grass and wear it away. Imperfections will appear on natural grass over time, which can lead to the player injuring themselves. Synthetic grass tennis courts are more hard wearing and resilient, which prevents the wear and tear that can be seen on natural grass.

Synthetic grass tennis courts are more or less maintenance free. There will be times when all that is required is the in-fills retouching or the blades to be brushed up, but other than that they look after themselves. Synthetic grass tennis courts can be used both indoors and outdoors, and the cost of the product is well worth the investment.

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