Fishing Gear for Beginners

If you love to fish but have never actually owned your own gear and equipment, you'll want to learn about some of the most basic and common pieces used for fishing. This will help you to better determine the right equipment that you'll need to get started, and will also ensure you don't overspend on items you may not actually use when out on the water. Note a few items you'll want to stock up on before hitting the water, to get you started with fishing.


Lures are artificial bait, typically metallic pieces and bits that attract fish by reflecting sunlight. This gives the lures the look of insect wings, and these often attract larger fish. Some lures are spinners; these spin when dragged along the water, creating motion that also resembles the look of insect wings. Some lures combine both features, so a spinner will have metal bits attached; this can be good for fishing in darker or deeper waters, where the lure needs to work harder to attract fish.

Bobbers or floats

A bobber or float is a very small plastic ball, about the size of a table tennis ball, and is usually painted a bright orange or yellow colour. This piece is connected to your fishing line well above the hook, and it floats on the water. When a fish bites at the hook and pulls on the fishing line, the bobber then dips under the water, and you know it's time to reel in the line. These pieces are essential for when you're fishing in one spot rather than trolling, and especially if you want to cast the line far from the boat, as you may otherwise not notice the line dip and bend when you have a bite.


Sinkers are tied to the fishing line near the hook itself, and they help to pull the hook into the water. These are used for catching larger fish that may swim in deeper waters, and fish that are found along the bed of a water body, such as catfish.


If you want to catch large fish, you'll need to use larger hooks, and these can be difficult to simply pull out of the mouth of a larger fish. Pliers allow you a better grip of the hook and to bend and pull the hook as needed. Opt for needle-nosed pliers meant for fishing, for easier handling and a shape that is easier to work around the hook and the mouth of the fish as well.

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