Types of Caravan Awnings

Awnings are not only useful for the home. They are also useful accessories for caravans. They enhance a caravan experience by adding extra outdoor space for dining, enjoying the outdoors and even sleeping. There are many different designs that can be infused into caravan awnings, ranging from tent-like shapes to simple roof designs.

When considering a caravan awning for your mobile home, there are many different choices you have on the table. Your decision will be mostly driven by the specific purpose you have for the awning, as well as the type of caravan you own. It is therefore important to understand what is on the market before you make a selection.

All-in-one awnings (free standing)

Freestanding awnings are the type of awnings that have a roof, four walls, and are mostly enclosed similar to a tent. They attach to the outside of the caravan and can be stabilised using poles and other tough material.

The usefulness of a freestanding awning will mainly depend on what they are made from. Common caravan awning materials include cotton, polyester and acrylic. Acrylic tends to be quite durable, but it can be challenging to maintain a free flow of air while inside. On the other hand, cotton makes air flow easier but it is not as durable as acrylic.

If you need a freestanding awning for outdoor use such as sleeping and camping, acrylic or polyester is capable of resisting relatively harsh weather conditions such as strong winds and rain.

Annex awnings

For caravan owners who seek flexibility, annex awnings provide a useful channel for people to link between different types of awnings. You can expand one awning and link it to others to form a larger, more complete structure. Annex awnings also tend to have interchangeable roofs and walls to add a higher level of convenience during use.

Leaning porch awnings

Leaning porch awnings resemble the types of awning that are used in homes and buildings. They typically consist of three walls that lean against the outside of the caravan (the edge of the caravan acts as the fourth wall).  You can think of leaning porch awnings as a modified or more convenient freestanding awning.

Sunny canopy awnings

If your primary goal is to seek shade from the sun on a hot day, sun canopy awnings are a perfect fit for you. Rather than containing walls on the side, they simply have a roof that extends outwards from the edge of the caravan. They can effectively block out the sun and provide a shaded platform for relaxing, cooking, resting, etc. Most sun canopy awnings are also retractable, making them easy to use.

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Awnings are not only useful for the home. They are also useful accessories for caravans. They enhance a caravan experience by adding extra outdoor spa